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Le Roi Nu

Henrietta, daughter of the King, and Henry…a rascal… fall completely in love. Taken by surprise by her mother, the princess is forced into marriage with “The King from over the way”, who is both old and fat. Here she is thrown into a kingdom where rigour is equalled only by stupidity, a kingdom where everything is put into the service of the wedding in a preposterous protocol. Despite the presence of a roaring chamberlain and a tyrannical governess, can this unjust marriage be avoided?

Will love have the last word?

This text from 1933 is the first piece for adults by Schwartz and is inspired by three fairy tales by Andersen. It was banned even before its creation, Schwartz having made tyranny, the arbitrary and oppression the source of his dramatic inspiration. Guy Theunissen re-situates the story in the contemporary world. Without any need to change the context, the public will recognise the powerful of today, the folly and vulgarity of power of our time.

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