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Le Chant de la Source

Under the marquee of the Baladins du Mirror, no show without songs!

That would be like…. a tree without birds, a party without friends, a sun without a morning, cheese without wine, a journey without an inn!

The Baladins tell you these stories full of songs, laughter and the colours of the world…And through these tales come down to us from time immemorial, having crossed seas, wars, countries, carried only by the human voice, maybe you will hear the murmur of that famous “Song of the Fountain”. This show is inspired by the world and the writings of the author and story-teller Henri Gougaud. Eleven actors recite a selection of tales drawn from the writer’s work.

Having crossed seas, continents, wars, the epidemics, revolutions and centuries, these tales have reached us by the sole power of the human voice.

Upcoming performances

There are no upcoming performances at the moment.


Stage direction

Stage director: Geneviève Knoops


Stéphanie Coppé / Andreas Christou / Abdel El Asri / Monique Gelders / Aurélie Goudaer / Sophie Lajoie / Darius Lecharlier / Gaspar Leclère / Diego Lopez Saez / Virginie Pierre / Coline Zimmer


Vocal work: Baptiste Vaes, Sibel (Kagizman)

Travail Vocal : Marc Draime et Marcelle De Cooman


Lights creation: Jérémie Hynderick de Theulegoet

Stage management

Light management: Ananda Murinni


Set construction: Aline Claus, Saïd Abitar et Geneviève Knoops

Technical director: Xavier Decoux


Costume designers: Sylvie Van Loo, Marie Nils et Anne Bariaux


Poster design: Florence Weiser

Talking about the show

“With the Song of the Fountain, the wooden stage is transformed into a flying carpet and the tent becomes a sail. The spectator is transported, with just a few words or a refrain, to Bulgaria, Turkey, India or Russia. In this timeless voyage, both magical and dream-like, humour, poetry, images, dance and song are born." — Muriel Hublet

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