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The Stampia

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The Stampia

A space where everything is possible

The Stampia is a vast 7-hectare site in the heart of Jodoigne that has become the home base for the Baladins du Mirror. A large building houses the offices of the Company of the Baladins, a rehearsal hall as well as a residence for visiting artists from outside the company.

The Baladins open up their offices to other associations. They host “Culturalité”, the local action group of the east of Brabant Wallon. This association has the mission of promoting a coherent development of the region, biodiversity, social inclusion, the local economy, etc.

Cultural centre for the creation of travelling shows

Based in Thorembais les Beguines in the east of Brabant Wallon since time immemorial, in 2015 the company moved to Jodoigne when Gaspar Leclere was offered a project and a space: the Stampia demesne, an exceptional site in the heart of 7 hectares of protected countryside.

The Stampia Demesne, acquired by the Province of the Brabant Wallon, was assigned to the Baladins on an emphyteutic lease. The company set up there with the support of the Jeune Province with the aim of developing an ambitious cultural centre for the creation of travelling shows.

The residencies, creations supported by the troupe

In just a few years the Stampia has become a host for artistic residencies. Associations and artists, Belgian or international, of all disciplines (dance, theatre, music, plastic arts etc.) can work in a creative environment with both artistic and technical assistance.

Applications for residencies can be via the attached application form. The 2020-2021 period is full but you can still apply and we will get in touch if a possibility becomes free.

With its marquee spaces and residency hall, the Stampia project aspires to become a reference for travelling companies feeling a need to base themselves and put down their marquee to create, to share experiences, confront disciplines, reinvent their travel tools and their environment.

In this sense we are open to partnerships with other reception and residency centres.

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The Festival O Chapo, residency

The residency creations have been showcased at a biannual festival since 2018. From the very first Festival, O Chapo has enabled artists in residency to present their work to the public of Jodoigne and its region. Mixing spectacles, workshops, meetings, open-air cinema, nature walks, all in a family atmosphere, the festival brings together over 2000 spectators and a dozen or so shows. Partnering with local associations, the festival allows artists to work with the local associative fabric such as the amateur theatre, the school population, by building cross-sectoral projects.

Since its inauguration in 2018, the festival has promoted the visibility of Stampia, which now regularly welcomes shows under marquee or in the open air.

The RE’SORS ! Festival

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The RE’SORS ! Festival

The health crisis which has shaken the world since March 2020 forced us to postpone a major tour which was to mark the 40 years of the Company’s travelling.

In their desire to fight back, the Baladins organised a festival on the Stampia site. For the entire summer of 2020, 150 different artists were able to again practise their art thanks to the installation  of 5 different performance spaces on the site.

Le succès du festival "Re'Sors" et la prolongation de l'épidémie incitent les Baladins à prolonger pendant l'automne cette initiative festive.

Ce festival se veut pluridisciplinaire et met en valeur le théâtre populaire dans le sens noble du terme.

L'envers du Miroir

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L'envers du Miroir

L'Envers du Miroir (Behind the Mirror) is a cooperative with the mission of organising the Stampia as an area of contact, education and entertainment around the project of Les Baladins du Mirror.


  • To manage and exploit the Stampia demesne as an area for concerts, exhibitions, festivals, catering and other activities with the aim of creating a meeting place centred on social topics.
  • To promote interdisciplinary arts and techniques with the creation of an initiation, training and exchange space through courses, internships, workshops etc.
  • To make an area of residence and creation available for travelling artistic companies.
  • To develop through study and practical experience a novel environment and alternative form of accommodation based on sustainable development.

All are free to contribute their knowledge, motivation and availability to develop the place and support in the collective, social and environmental interest.

We believe that the world of tomorrow can be different, based on positive and constructive values, developed through the understanding of the fundamentals that have enabled us to fulfil ourselves. History shows us, like a mirror, what we have created and how we did it. The future will be what we want to make of it by building the heritage that we will pass on to our children.

It is not too late to think of this and act accordingly!

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Become a cooperator

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The Envers du Miroir is limited liability  cooperative established in 2019 by three founders. The share capital is unlimited. It consists of shares of a value of €200. Everyone is free to become  a shareholder.

By investing in one or more €200 shares, you become a member of the cooperative and have a voice in it.


You will thus participate actively in a new initiative based on the development of imaginative powers and artistic creativity.

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