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The Company

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Recognised by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and supported by the Province of Brabant Wallon, the Belgian travelling theatre company, Les Baladins du Miroir, have been performing in French-speaking countries for 40 years, from Quebec to Switzerland, from France to Africa, where they have raised their marquee in the heart of towns and villages.


Founded by Nele Paxinou and Marco Taillebuis in 1980, the company specialises in popular and festive theatre, a repertory theatre with actors who are also on-stage musicians. Our artistic journey has enabled us to develop a particular style of theatre, atypical, reinterpreting major works in a contemporary approach with a novel rereading of the texts of classic and contemporary theatre aimed at making them more accessible to a greater variety audiences. This is the work ethic of our company which each year welcomes more than 30,000 spectators to its marquee.


From 2015, the arrival of Gaspar Leclère as director has brought new artistic connections. With the aim of testing the work of the troupe on the type of theatre that we would like to provide today, he has assigned several productions to external creators wishing to make their own of this superbly convivial space and the very particular outreach of the travelling theatre.

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Travelling theatre

Travelling theatre enables us to reach out to people, in the centre of towns as well as in the countryside. It thus becomes a bond of union, enabling theatre to go beyond the confines of its walls and out into the street. In contributing to the urban and rural environment, our travelling theatre establishes a very particular relationship with the community, a time of exchange that goes beyond artistic representation and builds a dynamic of encounters between the artists and the public.

The travelling troupe of the Baladins is thus able to reach out to  very diverse audiences, particularly in its pursuit of decentralisation in both rural and urban environments. Opting for a slow travel regime, with long presences, a unique rapport with the public and the inhabitants to create a link between the work presented and the areas travelled through.

" Theatre is poetry that rises from the book and becomes human "


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Guirlande light

The team


Gaspar Leclère

General & artistic director, stage director, actor
joined the company in 1984

Geneviève Knoops

Head of touring, stage director, actress
joined the company in 1986

Xavier Decoux

Technical director
joined the company in 1985

Nele Paxinou

Founder & ex-director, stage director
founded the company in 1982

Virginie Hayoit

Secretary, reception & box-office

joined the company in 2001

Sania Tombosoa

Production & Tour manager

joined the company in 2020

Céline Wiertz


joined the company in 2015

Pascale Neybergh


joined the company in 2020

Cécile Pirson

Communication manager

joined the company in 2016

Stephan Samyn

IT manager
joined the company in 2015

Laure Meyer

Production & tour manager for France

a rejoint la compagnie en 2017


Ananda Murinni dit Taki

General stage manager

joined the company in 2009

Antoine Van Rolleghem

Stage manager, technician
joined the company in 2013

Simon Gélard

Stage manager, technician

joined the company in 2019

Marie Nils

Costume designer, stage technician

joined the company in 2007

Boris Viry

Manager of the Stampia

joined the company in 2021

Jean Panza

Maintenance worker

joined the company in 2016

Valérie Gourmet

Maintenance worker

a rejoint la compagnie en 2016


Michael Laurent

Maintenance worker

joined the company in 2019

Eddy Nouckens

Maintenance worker

a rejoint la compagnie en 2015


Marco Taillebuis

Teacher, stage director
co-founded the company in 1982

François Houart

joined the company in 1987

Alain Boivin

joined the company in 1987

Monique Gelders

Actress, musician
joined the company in 1989

Coline Zimmer

Actress, musician

joined the company in 2000

Stéphanie Coppé

Actress, musician
joined the company in 2000

Sophie Lajoie

Actress, musician
joined the company in 2002

Line Adam

Composer, musical director & musician

a rejoint la compagnie en 2005


Diego Lopez Saez

Actor, teacher, technician

joined the company in 2006

Aurélie Goudaer

Actress, musician

a rejoint la compagnie en 2007


Virginie Pierre


a rejoint la compagnie en 2007


Andreas Christou


joined the company in 2010

† David Matarasso

Actor, musician

joined the company in 2012

Julien Vanbreuseghem


joined the company in 2012
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The founders

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Nele Paxinou, Marco Taillebuis, Jacques Delhauteur, Michel Brassins, Ginette Antoine-Guerickx, Catherine Blanjean, Jean-Claude Antoine, Omar Lopez, Jimena Saez, Benoit Postic, Joël Tiret

They join us on stage in the latest creations

Hugo Adam, Allan Bertin, Irène Berruyer, Léonard Berthet Rivière, Joséphine de Surmont, Elfée Dursen, Florence Guillaume, Léa Le Fell, Gauthier Lisein, Géraldine Schalenborgh, Léopold Terlinden, Juliette Tracewsky, Tiphaine Vander Haeghen

Les Baladins du Miroir, it's also...

.. a whole bunch of people, artists or not, who have come a long way with us or regularly join us on stage, editing, on the road, sets, costumes...

Liliane Roch, Claire Poupet, Igor Douline, François de Carnasse, Olivier Antoine, Papi, Patrick Mercadier, Frédéric Dussenne, Stéphane Bissot, Daniel Hélin, Bruno Boulzagué, Barbara Dauw, Coralie Stevens, Véronique Willemaers, Véronique Guérin, Paulino Alvarez, Frédéric Lepers, Eric Mat, Claudia Nunès, Jean-Luc Dietriech, Chris Devleeschouwer, James Block, Henri Gougaud, Françoise Hilgier, Christian Pourtois, Joelle Watercame, Michel Waldman, Merline, René Lambert, Nicole Jacquemain, Bruno Piccolo, Annick Faniel, Vincent Zabus, Robert Guillemar, Alexandre Dewez, Ayme, Gregory Houben, Johan Dupont, Simon Hommé, Thomas Venegoni, Kim Leleux, Gregory Vandamme, Anne-Françoise Senterre, Carole Guillaume, Sandrine Antonio, Bénédicte Soet, Aline Lourtie, Bernard Antoine, David Taillebuis, Guy Theunissen, Olivier Melis, Florence Weiser, Aline Claus, Saïd Abitar, France Lamboray, Brigitte Van Nuffel, Myriam Buscema, François Hoselet, Wout De Ridder, Abdel El Asri, Sylvie Van Loo, Simon Janne, Adrien Dotremont, Pascale Mahieu, Alexis Delsart, Alanis Van Goitsenhoven, Thomas Grailet, Gaspard Gramme, Margot Leclère, Jonas Leclère, Audric Albert, Mathieu Moerenhout, Colin Moerenhout, Dominique Ranzy, Catherine Van Assche, Isabelle Airaud, Frederic Decoux, Bernard Gillain, Boris Verhaegen, Luna Gillet, Sylvain Robyns, Françoise Rosar, Guy Gilson, Stéphanie Vangoitsenhoven, Laurence Renoir, Patrick Dassy, Marc Sacré…

Board of directors

Thierry Gillet, Alain Abts, Geneviève Knoops, Andreas Christou, Henri Vanwetswinkel, Nele Paxinou, Stéphane Flahaux, Jacques Fastrez

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