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Thrilling stories peppered with everyday objects searching for their identity tell of their disappointments, rebellions, desires. Embodied by four musicians/actors, in turn as Barbie dolls, forks, socks, alarm clocks, telephones, mirrors, slippers, magnets, all everyday objects whose state of mind will be revealed to you. Disconnect guaranteed!

Upcoming performances

There are no upcoming performances at the moment.


Stage direction

Text: Jean-Yves Izquierdo

Stage direction: Marco Taillebuis


Sophie Lajoie, Diego Lopez Saez, Julien Vanbreuseghem and Marco Taillebuis

Marco Taillebuis


Musical composition: Line Adam


Costume designer: Marie Nils

Talking about the show

“Original ideas and an unusual view on things :) Here’s to the solitary sock: can you find a life partner on a dating website… A future couple, the dust bin and the sandwich box?” —

illustration - Sparkle - white


illustration - Boucle - white

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