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La Bonne Âme du Se-Tchouan

Three gods arrive on Chinese soil to make a list of the “Good Souls”.

Looking for somewhere to spend the night, they are guided by Wang, the water bearer.

Faced with general indifference, they accept the hospitality of Shen-Té, the local prostitute. Convinced that they had found their Good Soul, they leave her a little sum of money, with which she is able to buy the tobacco shop. Unfortunately the gift quickly reveals itself to be a poisoned one: Shen-Té’s shop quickly attracts the most penniless as well as the most well off who all try to squeeze her possessions out of her. Caught up in impossible moral choices our Good Soul will hesitate between the desire to do right thing and the necessity – “to save her frail craft from sinking” – to apply the law of unscrupulous capitalism.

Upcoming performances

There are no upcoming performances at the moment.


Stage direction

Stage directors: François Houart and Gaspar Leclère

Stage direction assistant: Hélène Van Den Broucke


Andreas Christou / Stéphanie Coppé / Monique Gelders / Aurélie Goudaer / François Houart ou Gaspar Leclère / Geneviève Knoops / Diego Lopez-Saez / David Matarasso / Virginie Pierre / Julien Vanbreuseghem / and the children of the company


Musical compisition and direction: Line Adam


Lights creation: Mathieu Houart

Stage management

Lights and sound manager: Ananda Murinni

Stage manager: Adrien Dotremont


Scenography : Aline Claus ans Isis Hauben assisted by Sylviane Besson, Eloïse Damien and Catherine Van Assche

Set construction: Xavier Decoux assisted by Bernard Antoine, Adrien Dotremont and Ananda Murinni

Conception des marionnettes : Johan Dils et Sylvie Van Loo

Pyrotechnie : Nicole Eeckhout


Costumes designers: Sylvie Van Loo assistée de Anne Bariaux, Virginie Gossuin, Marie Nils, France Lamboray et Nicole Mornard


Makeup advisor: Serge Bellot


Création affiche : France Everard

Talking about the show

“Thanks for the all the emotions. I found what I do not always find in the theatre: emotions. Not overdone, no caricature, a beautiful touching work….the good souls. The end was perfect, any other conclusion would have been disappointing. The icing on the cake, my daughter discovered her love of theatre. A complete success, thank you. We will come back.” — Aurian Bourguignon

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