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Lettres à Elise – correspondance 1914-1918

Early August 1014, Jean Martin, a primary-school teacher in a small village in the Auvergne, has to go to war. He leaves his wife, Elise, and their two children, Camille and Arthur.

Things get off to a good start: he joins his friends in the barracks with whom he did his military service. Any lack of enthusiasm for the task ahead is made up for by good fellowship.

In the evening he writes a letter to Elise. She answers. Through their letters their story is told, the comic and tragic aspects of the war years, of love and revolt, of tenderness and despair.

Letters to Elise offers a shattering testimony of the Great War and depicts, not the official pictures of the great moments of history, but an intimate and touching family drama.

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Text : Jean-François Viot

Stage direction: Nele Paxinou

Stage direction assistant: Jean-François Viot


Gaspar Leclère and Sophie Lajoie


Lights creation: David Taillebuis

Stage management

Stage manager: Antoine Van Rolleghem


Set construction: Adrien Dotremont, Aline Claus, Isis Hauben


Costume designer: Sylvie Van Loo

Talking about the show

“You laugh nervously, you’re moved, you’re reminded how hard the war was in the trenches but also in the civilian hinterland you can hear the canon shot, you can almost smell the mustard gas… Letters to Elise does not make for pleasant or light viewing. Letters to Elise is gripping and all the better for that. Let’s hope that it will be seen by a large audience, including teenagers.” — Geoffroy Herens

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